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Unbiased Report Exposes the Unanswered Questions on Epf Claim Status

Unbiased Report Exposes the Unanswered Questions on Epf Claim Status

Get the Scoop on Epf Claim Status Before You’re Too Late

You’ll get your status update with each detail. In the event, in case you have already applied for the very same, then you may check UAN status from the offered websites within this tutorial. These steps are useful that people look at the UAN status easily. With aid of this internet portal, it is possible to easily able to discover your EPFO claim status during the next easy steps. It’s possible for you to proceed with the offered steps to look at your epfo claim status. Once it is activate, in addition, it can be convenient when knowing your EPF claim status.

Nearly all EPFO members are issued UAN. He can now check EPF balance online through the official portal. Utmost every EPFO members are offered UAN.

Besides that, people may also use this way of checking the balance frequently. The current balance would continue to remain. The last balance in your account is going to be updated monthly. With a facility of online, it is easy to locate your balance easily. There are numerous ways are readily available to look at your EPF balance rightly. There are various men and women prefer online technique is the best method to inspect the EPF balance easily and effectively.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Epf Claim Status

Inside this body, numerous financial transactions commenced. Your account number ought to be correct. You may use your preceding EPF account number.

There are various diverse approaches to check EPF Balance Online. If so then you need to follow following steps to look at your EPF Balance Online. Should you not wish to look at the EFPO claim status on the internet, you may download the form online. In case you would prefer not to inspect the PF Balance Status on the internet, you may download the structure on the internet. With the new EPF on-line facility, you can now check your EPF claim status on-line with no assistance. Now you are aware of how to look at your EPF claim status online. You have to fill some crucial information on the internet to check EPF status online.

Because of significant changes in claim procedure, the procedure is much simpler than it was earlier. You can now just go through the straightforward procedure for checking the place of your PF case. The form needs to be filled in precisely the same procedure as explained above. The procedure is same even when you wish to transfer your previous PF account in the center of your new job. It is bit much like online balance check procedure but mildly different. It is a relatively easy process at the moment and you must be full us eof facility to inspect EPF claim status online.

Since it’s cut from salary before it’s credited to our account, it will become forced savings. It’s very beneficial for employees. Employees will need to offer KYC documents to employer and he’ll update it at UAN portal. The employer would like to submit the necessary documents for getting UAN number. The employers won’t have to submit the various monthly and yearly returns. It doesn’t change when someone switches from 1 job to another. A self-employed person doesn’t have any UAN Status.

With these various ways, it is simple for anybody to look at their provident fund amount each time they want. Employee provident fund is a fundamental part of an employee’s living. Therefore, it is advised to every EPF beneficiaries to acquire their UAN problem.

How to subscribe to E-bill service of BSES, BSNL, and PTCL?

How to subscribe to E-bill service of BSES, BSNL, and PTCL?

As per the current scenario of digital India, everybody wants to go for online services and use it for your transactions of online bills. If you also want to know how you can able to get e-bills or online bills from your electricity companies then you are on right place to get it.

How to Subscribe for E-Bill?

So, here you will get your solution to subscription process of online bills. Whenever you do online payment of your electricity bills you will get your e-bill in your email inbox. You don’t want to go to pay your electricity bill at bill store wherever you live. You can pay online and get your e-bill online as receipt of online payment.

e bill service

Let’s go for the steps to subscribe for E-bill of any electricity or mobile services company including BSES Delhi, BSNL, and PTCL.

Steps to E-bill Subscription Service:

First, you need to go to official website of your electricity or landline company where you want can able to subscribe for E-bill.

For BSES E-bill, go to and find out ‘Customer Support’ and click on subcategory ‘Bill On Email’ under customer support. In ‘Bill On Email’ menu, you will get all the information to subscribe for e-Bill. For e-bill, you need to enter your Mobile number, password, CRN number, Meter number, email address etc. Download BSES Duplicate Bill online here.

For BSNL E-bill, go to the official website ( of BSNL and find out online bill payment option where you can pay your landline bill, mobile bill, and broadband bill and get your E-bill receipt in your email. Before online payment, you should register your email address and mobile number at BSNL website. Check your BSNL Duplicate Bill and print out PDF file for your further document use.

For PTCL E-bill, go to the PTCL website and click on to ‘Customer Sing In’ option at top menu navigation bar. Log in with your user ID and password, if you are not registered yet then you can sign up with your PTCL customer number, mobile number, and email address to get access to pay and get E-bill online. You can download your P.T.C.L duplicate bill print pdf file online from the link we have given.

The Undeniable Truth About Wing Chun Dummy That No One Is Telling You

Truth About Wing Chun Dummy That No One Is Telling You:

In Chum Kiu, techniques are somewhat more apparent and the footwork required. You are able to practice and produce all the Wing Chun Dummy techniques on the wooden dummy in addition to working on your footwork as a way to understand the right distances at which each technique is the most effective. Every one of both wooden dummy manufacturing methods has their pros and cons. This form enables the practitioner to have a better comprehension of the several hand techniques in several applications. The last empty-hand form is known as Biu-Tze. The pole form isn’t a showy form but an extremely practical exercise.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Truth:

Truth of Wing Chun wooden dummy

After that, you can lift the dummy in or out of the surface of the slot and drop it at the base of the upside-down L” to make sure that it remains in place. The dummy is quite hard and it is unbelievably easy to break your fist attempting to punch the dummy too hard so it’s strongly recommended that you go at your own pace and build up slowly. he is very unforgiving,” says Oram. These dummies are produced from hardwood ash. Alive dummies are called such since they have a specific springiness to them. Wooden dummies are utilized to stimulate combat, and that is the reason why they are deemed important training equipment in many sorts of martial arts. Folks create their own dummies based on their own preferences, states Oram.

Ok, I Think I Understand Wing Chun Dummy, Now Tell Me About Wing Chun Dummy!

The good log ought to be correctly kiln dried to an acceptable moisture content. Welcome to what is going to be the biggest and most popular Wing Chun Wooden Dummy site on the planet. You might start off with an absolutely free intro video, the totally free previews, or merely jump right in and choose the topic which you want to find out more about. Ideally, you wish to be in a position to bang these undesirable boys out in repetition without an excessive amount of break between slams. Wing Chun is famous for its hand practices, but an eccentric facet of this art also has a secret leg system. He is a very unique and scientific form of martial arts. Should you be contemplating training Wing Chun Dummy but don’t know a lot about any of this, the following is a quick overview for you.

Whatever They Told You About Wing Chun Dummy Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

When you truly understand what’s going on you learn how to appreciate that, even if you turn into a more advanced Wing Chun student. Every class starts with a warm-up. Because of this, an essential thing whilst training is the caliber and precision of each given movement. Your training will cause you to be an extremely deadly gamble for virtually any rapist or bully. You’re going to be in a position to use exactly what you get for your training. Wing Chun training supplies numbers of advantages beyond only the rare example of self-defense. Before you get anything to improve your Wing Chun Dummy training, you may want to seek advice from your Sifu or Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor.

Not to mention the simple fact that it’s not possible that people find this precise structural positioning in a fight. This movement only has to be a couple of inches in any direction. Each movement in a form is utilized within the particular martial art for defensive or offensive purposes. Simple moves remain the very best techniques. Just make certain that all the regions of the dummy are produced from a hardwood and not simply the body.

Imagine there’s an opponent facing you, and practice using techniques and combinations in a manner that is reasonable in reality. The stand is created entirely from exactly the same premium solid Alderwood as the remainder of the wooden dummy. The hands are thought to give the optimal/optimally defense! You don’t wish to be worried about hurting your arms.” You might want to strengthen the leg and, like with the arms, it’s wise to have a spare leg on hand. It’s likewise utilized to toughen the limbs, even though this is not the main purpose of the dummy.

Wing Chun Dummy Options:

If you’re looking to purchase a new one but aren’t certain where to start don’t fret. Another thing to stay in mind is the measurements of the dummy. Whether you get an overall idea about what you are searching for, or are completely unsure, you can’t fail with any of the options given below. Prior to purchasing a one, it’s not an awful notion to ask your provider what kind of wood you need to get. The exact same concept is available with wooden dummies. Not just that, but this advanced design is really incredibly space efficient. Thus don’t get bogged down by trying to get exact specifications if you’re not obtaining a complete custom made to your physique.

How to make Rangoli

Rangoli is a Sanskrit word. The meaning of Rangoli is creative expressions of art through the use of color. Rangoli designs making various steps like with dots, without dots, free hand and much more. Rangoli has various types like General Rangoli, Clay Rangoli, Floating Rangoli, Flowers Rangoli, Kundan Rangoli, Theme Rangoli, Wooden Rangoli, Fusion Rangoli, etc. Rangoli has a different name in various places like as Rangoli in Maharashtra, Alpana in Bengal, Kolam in South India. Here are some basics and easy steps are given to make a creative, gorgeous rangoli designs. The first origin of Rangoli is Maharashtra.

First to make a rangoli, decide your base where you draw a rangoli? Then choose a one rangoli design. You can use chalk to draw rangoli on the floor. Before making rangoli, first, draw rangoli with chalk. After drawing rangoli, you fill the various colors in Rangoli. You can use different things like a color like colored rice, dry flour, flower petals, turmeric, vermillion and colored sand. You can make various patterns as rangoli.

To make a rangoli you can also use the cone for the, it is the easy and fast way to draw rangoli with a cone. With the cone, you make thin or thick lines very easy. There are lots of rangoli designs are available as a flower, dot rangoli, Lord face, bird rangoli and much more. Before you draw rangoli on the floor, you can practice it draw in the notebook. Rangoli makes by the fingers. It is very easy and makes beautiful your floor.

The Advantages of Using Steam Mops For Household Cleaning

Steam mops are a pleasing rotate to the mops your mommy may have used for cleaning. With a steam mop, the quirk for a cut off mop and water pail is eliminated. Shark steam mop are very enlivened at removing germs, dirt, and scuffs from hard surfaced floors without abandonment chemical residues.

Steam mops have an unmodified list of advantages progressive than customary water and pail mops. Steam mops are gentle plenty to use happening for all hardwood floor types; marble, wood floor, and even laminate flooring. Since a steam mop is intended to temperate levels quicker, there is no compulsion to atmosphere pain about the water getting into the hard floors’ surfaces and tarnishing them. Steam mops come in addition to their self containing water pail that is built in. No longer realize your compulsion to lug regarding a mop and an oppressive pail of water.

With meant mops, if you have floors that are not all right to be cleaned behind significant amounts of water or chemicals unless you follow behind the mop once a towel, you are at risk of tarnishing your floor. A steam mop allows the water to evaporate gone it hits the floor, meaning that you no longer have to be roughly your hands and knees airing the floor. Another advantage of the steam mop is its patented steam cleaning design. Since the mop uses steam to tidy the surface of the floor, there is no compulsion for added chemicals that are quick to your floor.

It has been proven long ago that the earliest mop and pail style of mopping are ineffective as a cleaning method. After you have to put the mop protection in the container the first times to reset it, the water is no longer tidy. You continue to rewet the mop and tidy the floor using filthy mop water. If you have small children and pets, you are exposing them to dirty chemical water. Steam mops use a much cleaner method to scrub the floor. There is no rewetting of the mop and sticking it help in the works into to mixed water full of chemicals and germs. Steam mops can heat the water it their tanks happening to an incredible 130 degrees Celsius. Heating the water to such a high degree enables the mop to kill bacteria and germs even if it cleans, leaving a tidy floor for your pets and children. Along once bacteria and germs, steam mops can execute and prevent the future growth of molds and mildew. Steam mops are moreover used by people then allergies to spoil and prevent dust mites and new potential allergens.

Steam mops are as well as easier for people that have health problems that prohibit them from standing taking place. A sufficient mop is cutting edge to handle and maneuver from a sitting approach. Most steam mops have plastic handles and along with along surrounded by a steam mop, you don’t have to difficulty nearly the pail of water. The steam mops are equipped back then triggers to be pulled to forgive the water. The steam plus can go right taking place adjoining the baseboards- a place that added mops tend to miss.

There is nothing more period consuming than mopping an entire floor for a little spill. With an old fashion mop you have to mop everyone floor to make it appear streak pardon; however, in imitation of a steam mop the water dries upon a door. Since the spill is visceral steam cleaned, there is no defense to shark steam mop every floor.

The best event approximately steam mops is the fact that you can eliminate harmful chemicals that you used to use after then you cleaned your floors. Cleansers may contain ingredients from bleach to large doses of ethanol. Side effects can change from nausea and vomiting to chemical pneumonia. Not single-handedly are chemicals harmful to your relatives, but they are after so terrible upon pets. If you are looking for a mop that takes most of the perform a portion out of mopping and is pet and child cute, attempt a steam mop and prepare for a fabulous mopping experience.


Direct Check RPSC RAS Main Exam result on

The job seekers are always searching for a good opportunity with a reputed organization. And for that, they appeared from various interviews and exams with different organizations and institutes as well. If you are one of those job seekers, then you might have performed in this examination taken by RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission).

Hindustan results might have Informed you that Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) RAS Mains Exam Result 2013 will be declared as soon as possible. It might be announced on the official Portal of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) i.e. Applicants, those who appear in the RAS Mains Exam taken by Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) should be waiting eagerly for the result of RAS Mains Exam 2016 at Golalaa.

A very large number of applicants appear in the RAS Exam every year which is taken by Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC). The Result is going to Published very soon on the Official Website and candidates can check their result through,

The Students are informed that the Result will be declared soon, and we will be able to provide you a direct link to which students will be able to check their Exam result. We are also going to provide them or tell them the process how they can check their RPSC RAS Mains Exam Result 2013″

Those students who are penetrating for the result of RPSC RAS Mains 2013 through different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. since a very long time off period and are still unable to get their Result are already informed that we are going to provide them the entire process how they can get their result in a few steps. So, here we request you to follow all the process carefully to check your Exam result of RAS Mains Exam DRDO Admit card 2016.

All the Students need to go to the Official Website first of all. Once the home page gets load, they move to the Left Panel on the Official Web Portal where they can get Exam Panel. The result tab will appear on this page, and then they will be able to see the Latest Result Declared by the RPSC. Here they need to select the Link of which Result they want to see. Once they enter their Roll. No, and Date of Birth or any Other Formalities are given there. The result will appear soon.



The Phantom is a series of unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones developed by the Chinese company DJI. The DJI Phantom 3 professional drones deliver a more refined flying experience and superior video quality to its predecessor and earns editor’s choice honors in the process. The Phantom Pros are Easy to fly and very stable in the air. It captures smooth video, even when during motion. 20mm wide angle lens. 4k video capture. Raw and jpg still capture. High quality live view feed. Built in GPS. Return to home function. Automated flight modes.

Ehang Drone
Ehang Drone


The Phantom 3 professional maintains the core design of previous entries in the Drone Stores series. It is white copter, with four pylons, a bottom mounted camera, and landing struts. LED lights at the lower part of every wing support you keep track of it in the air. Dual joysticks for flight authority, the power button, and an emergency return to home button are on the front of the remote. Up Top, you will find restriction dials to adjust camera exposure and the tilt of the gimbal, dedicated buttons to excite video recording or capture a still image, a playback button and flight mode toggle switch.

Phantom 3 upgraded flight gear

The Phantom three fly up 25 minutes with the included original battery. A range of accessories included one battery and charger, two full sets of propellers, radio controller, 8 GB micro SD card. Curved DJI electromagnets used to spin the motors at high, controllable speeds – all by using irresistible force, without any physical contact, to increase durability. Advance in efficiency and reliability push the limits of current technology and give you longer flights as well we give you How to Build a Quadcopter or Drone Guide

Your phantom three standard stays and under your control at all times during a flight. After takeoff, it automatically hovers in place, waiting for your command. It then effortlessly changes elevation or direction at the flick of a finger. When you want it to stop, it again pauses and hovers, waiting for your next instructions. Top speed remains about 60 km/h which is good enough to have a decent crack a shooting a car or motorcycle in motion, but around 20 km/h down the inspire one.

Flight Modes

The Phantom three fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. The patented DJI original flight battery continuously tells you exactly how long you can continue operating, based on how far and at something altitude you are, and it informs you when it’s time to direct back. This information is flowed live to the Go app on your mobile device. Recharging is fast and smooth, and bright LED symbols tell you current status and power level. A protective plastic housing supports prevent damage and contain intelligent sensors that make you battery worry-free while extending the life of your battery.

Live GPS

Throughout each flight, your phantom three standard its situation to a live GPS map on your mobile device. Use this map to see correct where it is, know which direction it is facing, and lead it back to you in an instant. Because the phantom recognizes where it is and wherever you are, it can calculate how much longer it can maintain flying. It will give you a reminder to land when the battery runs low, and it prison automatically comes home and fall when needed. GPS and other sensor keep it from nudged off course by winds of wind, and your phone’s screen will while correlated to the drone, give you all behavior of info on speed, altitude, location, battery life and more, plus of course a live feed from the drone’s camera.

Image and Video quality

Video quality on the Phantom three professionals is at once vastly better that the vision+, and also a bit disappointing. On the plus side, 4k resolution is massive and brings out some beautiful details. Video and photo quality are excellent in good lighting situations, as you can see from our simple clips and still above and below. There are bags of detail in the 12MP stills and higher resolution videos, and that doesn’t really from off until you start trying to capture stuff in the little light, where the increased ISO sensitivity results in grainier, less precise results.

Acupressure Points for Weight loss – Latest Points

Acupressure Points for Weight loss – Latest Points:

Nowadays, one of the common problem for all people of the heavyweight. There are various ways to lose weight. Among them one of the most efficient means to lose weight is acupressure. Acupressure is very useful in controlling the appetite of a person. In the Acupressure technique, there are some vital points in our body which know as the key point. With the help of fingertips or some objects, these points are pressed in such a way that they get stimulated.

Acupressure Points for Weight loss
Acupressure Points for Weight loss

There are over 1000 acupressure points on the body of human natures. To cure different diseases, you need to press specific acupressure points. To lose weight, you need to push the Acupressure points for weight loss which located in your body parts at ears, spleen 6 and 9, stomach 36 and liver 3. You need to start by massaging these areas first and then apply pressure on these areas in some time limits. This will increase the probabilities to lose weight. The acupressure points for the weight losses given below.

Ear Point

This particular point in your ear assists in regulating your appetite. Simply, place your thumb corresponding the jaw of your ear and move it up and down. While doing so, you will able to locate the point where is maximum movement. Once you have found it, stop your finger there and press the point at least a minute.

Abdomen Point

This pressure point found exactly 3 centimeters below the belly button. This position enhances the function of the digestive system and gives your body strength. It also reduces constipation. This point is very active to lose weight. Place two of your fingers on it and rub by moving your fingers up and down. Then press this point for at minimum 2 minutes twice a day.

Knee Point

This pressure point helps the stomach to function properly, by improving the digestion and nourishing the blood. It found 2 inches below the knee cap on the outer minute with your forefinger. When you flex your foot up and down, you can feel the muscle move under your finger. This is the right spot, press this for 2 minutes every day to notice the change in your body.

Elbow Point

This Elbow point located at inner side of your elbow crease, you will find the strong high point which found towards the end. It only removes excess body heat and unwanted moisture that is present in your body. Use your thumb and press this elbow point, at least for a minute every day to achieve better weight loss results as well check Acupressure Points to Induce Labor.

Ankle Point

The Acupressure point primarily meant for the hatred, but it also helps in stimulating your digestive system. You can find this Ankle point just 2 inches above your ankle, on the inside of your leg. By pushing this point regularly, you can improve the function of your digestive system. Press this point for at minimum a minute every day to lose weight effectively. Acupressure Ankle point for weight loss will help you to improve the strength of your Digestive system and also assist in reducing of wastes.

Manabadi JNTU Results – A huge University of India

India is a nation of billion people, there are huge numbers of university and millions of students are studying on it. We recently found out Manabadi JNTU Results, a university where around 5 lakh students studies every year.

This university is one the top 10 university in number of students, as well as the number of examinations taken every year. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU) is located in the Hyderabad, a thriving city full of aspiring students.

JNTU offers lots of courses, the information about JNTU Results and corses offered can be found in on this website call Manabadi JNTU Results.

Starting from science to arts courses, JNTU has courses for every students but as the name suggest they have mastered in providing technology courses. The students who studies there are known for their intelligence and wonderful grasp over the technology of their interest.

Many popular students have passed out from this well reputed university, many of them have climbed political ladder while many of them are well known faces in corporate culture. Companies visit the campus of the university very often and provide students with the job as soon as they complete their education.

To know more about university please visit this link – Manabadi Resutls

3 Yoga Mats That Will Give You Awesome Cushion No Matter Which Surface

We know that yoga is ancient practice and the yoga mat is recent innovation, but people like comfort and Yoga Mats are one of the way to get comfortable while doing yoga. People from have done lots of research in finding the best suitable mat for you. here are exerts from their article.

They have create an listicle about Best Yoga Mats 2016 we loved their effort.

Here is the short list from their article.

1. Mansov PRO Yoga Mat

2. Balance From GoYoga

3. Now Athletics Eco Tpe Yoga Mat

4. Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats

5. HemingWeigh 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High-Density Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

They also have special access on amazon discounts, visit their site for more information.